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"Our streets are filled with armed men; our harbor is crowded with ships of war; but these cannot intimidate us; our liberty must be preserved it is far dearer than life. No longer could we reflect, with generous pride, on the heroic actions of our American forefathers . . . . if we, but for a moment entertain the thought of giving up our liberty. Our country is in danger, but not to be despaired of. Our enemies are numerous and powerful; but we have many friends determining to be free, and heave"
"I have never made it a consideration whether the subject was popular or unpopular, but whether it was right or wrong; for that which is right will become popular, and that which is wrong, though by mistake it may obtain the cry or fashion of the day, will soon lose the power of delusion, and sink into disesteem."
"It is certainly true that a popular government cannot flourish without virtue in the people."
"The power of making treaties should be committed to able and honest men."
"As the select legislatures who appoint the senators will in general be composed of the most enlightened and respectable citizens, there is reason to presumes that their attention and their votes will be direct to those men only who have become the most distinguished by their abilities and virtue."
"He must either have been very unfortunate in his intercourse with the world . . . who can think it probable that the president and two-thirds of the senate will ever be capable of such unworthy conduct."
"the government must be a weak one indeed, if it should forget that the good of the whole can only be promoted by advancing the good of each of the parts or members which compose the whole."
"a treaty is only another name for a bargain; and that it would be impossible to find a nation who would make any bargain with us, which should be binding on them absolutely, but on us only so long and so far as we may think proper to be bound by it."
"as far as the fear of punishment and disgrace can operate, that motive to good behavior is amply afforded by the article on the subject of impeachments."
"With respect to [The Senate?s] responsibility, it is difficult to conceive how it could be increased. Every consideration that can influence the human mind, such as honor, oaths, reputation, conscience, the love of country, and family affections and attachments, afford security for their fidelity."
"The united credit and influence of several individuals must be more formidable to liberty than the credit and influence of either of them separately."

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