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"Laws are a dead letter without the courts to expound and define their true meaning and operation."
"The treaties of the United States, to have any force at all, must be considered as part of the law of the land."
"Nothing is more natural to men in office, than to look with peculiar deference towards that authority to which they owe their official existence."
"The fabric of American empire ought to rest on the solid basis of THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE. The streams of national power ought to flow from that pure, original fountain of all legitimate authority."
"To attach full confidence to an institution of this nature, it appears to be an essential ingredient in its structure, that it shall be under private and not a public direction-under the guidance of individual interest, not of public policy; which, would be . . . liable to being too much influenced by public necessity."
"Tis well."

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A concrete roof (“sarcophagus”) is completed over the fourth reactor. It is built to protect the environment from radiation for at least 30 years. 300,000 tons of concrete and 6,000 tons of metal constructions were utilised.


1788 December 14


Letter from Andrew Shepherd


Letter from Richard Forrest

North Carolina
North Carolina

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