Histolines Features


Histolines is a platform to create timelines of people in history. We have been gathering data fo thousands of historical events quotes and pictures.

You can look up a person like Theodor Roosevelt by typing his name in a pick a name area and navigate to their timeline. The timeline starts with the beginning of their life and chronicles event throughout time combining major life events and images.

As we further populate these timelines with historical events people can have a new source to learn history and dataset to analyze historical events.


Histolines is an open platform where anyone can add historical events. As the community grows this crowdsourcing will help us create the most complete database of history. This video shows how to post on Histolines.

First to post you should log in or register an account. There'll be seperate instructions for this. This way you can keep track of all your contributions.

There are several ways to post. For this example, let’s walk through adding an event to a timeline. First, let’s navigate to Woodrow Wilson’s page. Here we can see that his birthday is not posted, so we will add it to the timeline. We will click on “Post event” on the top of the page and a post box will pop up.

There are multiple inputs but the general philosophy of Histolines events posts is Who? What? When? Where?

  • His name or who is prepopulated.
  • We will type in “born” and we will get a suggestion “was born” that will populate to make things easier.
  • Add the year, month and day that he was born. Only year is required. 1856/12/28
  • We can add Virginia to add the location of the event. Again there will be autopopulate if needed.
  • There are other inputs we can add that we will demonstrate in other videos.

Just his add event button and now whoever comes to visit this timeline will see this event. Which we can see after refreshing this page.

More details about posting

Events Details

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Navigating Time

Every event is tagged with a date. This allows us to check events that happened any day or any year.

Under the time tab in website ribbon, you can click on “On This Day” link and it will take you to a page of all the events that happened on this day of the month over the years.

You can also click on on “pick a date” and on a separate page pick any month and day of the year like looking for cool events that have happened on your birthday. Or you can pick a year and see all the events that happened that year.


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