Histolines Needs Your Help

In our quest to create the largest database of historical events we need your help tagging historical events from full sentences. We have build a data portal and filled it with sentances from all over the internet that have some interesting historical information in them. We have used latest natural language technology to isolate as much information as possible but still need your help to finalize each tag.
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What's on Histolines

Histolines is designed for the everyday user to add events to its knowledge base, but we had to start with something. To create a skeleton of data we crawled the internet looking for every historical fact we can get our hands on, and we still continue this today to enrich what histolines knows. So far we have over 900K events for over 100K people throughout history. These are around 200 event types which describe what happened to the particular person or state at any given time and place.

We are working to provide this database free for everybody in an open source format so that people have access to this information to perform their analysis and visualization.

Histolines has a large collection of birthdays and death dates, list of most major world leaders throughout time, most of US presidents, Supreme Court justices, Senators and Representatives time in office (we are currently working on other countries like Canada and Brittan), most of the movies released in the US, most of the Music Albums released throughout time, most of Oscars nominations and winners, most of Roman Consuls and various other detail that cannot be grouped into a category but should be discovered on your own. We are working on digging for a lot more information, such as Olympic history, other sports results, and trades, list of other countries politicians, patent history and whatever kind of data we can get our hands on. Please email us with suggestions of datasets or datasets themselves that we can incorporate into Histolines. But most of the information in the world especially from the past has not been collected into neat tables. That’s why Histolines is so important, as it is the only place for people to compile events of the people who lived in the past into one data-driven knowledge base, so that people can use data analytics techniques to better understand our past, and for the average Joe to be able to access his own history.

Major contirbutions

We constantly look for data sets we can use to enrich our timelines. We have crawled several open source databases, museum archives, and variety of other datasources to add to our timeline database. We also encourage everyday users to add individual events to the database. Below is the list of some of the biggest contributors to histolines knowladgebase.


Data types

Histolines organizes data by name, date, location and what happened. Theese are some of the most common tags of what happend in each event.

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What do you get

All the data on histolines is available to the public. At the moment the mechanics of downloading the data is still under construction. Soon enough we will build functionality for everyone to get a subset or a full dataset. If you want to get the data now please email us at Histolines@gmail.com

What do we need

Histolines focuses on people and states and events that have occurred to them which do disqualify so data from it. We are a lot more interested in what JFK was buying in a store while a teen them GDP of US during those same years, or how many deaths occurred in Chicago. Let statistics be reported when they are suited this is a place for specific events, not generalizations. It’s much more interesting to know that George W. Bush was elected President in 2000 and 2004 when he was The President for 8 years. It might seem like a slight difference but it allows us to use each piece of information to create content to whatever was happening at the same time and eventually in the same are.