Histolines is a Social Network of History organized as an interactive timeline that lets everyone explore over a million historical events.

Anyone can add Events, Photos, and Quotes to the timelines of historical characters in this database. Here are the latest posts:

Histolines collected over 80,000 timelines of great people in history.
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Histolines organizes similar historical events into collections. Check out the latest Collections.

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Secondary Database

British Parliament
collection has 80879 posts

US Government
collection has 27419 posts

US House of Representatives
collection has 22773 posts

US Congress
collection has 15682 posts

collection has 12517 posts

French Battles
collection has 10828 posts

Academy Awards
collection has 8849 posts

Roman Empire
collection has 4715 posts

Roman Consuls
collection has 4715 posts

Business History
collection has 3920 posts

US Car Companies
collection has 2935 posts

World Cup History
collection has 2467 posts

US Civil War
collection has 1994 posts

Ukrainian Parliament
collection has 1859 posts

Chinease Battles
collection has 1473 posts

Canadian Parliament
collection has 1049 posts

Australian Parliament
collection has 1013 posts

collection has 1001 posts

Company Establishment
collection has 911 posts

Roman Battles
collection has 742 posts

Supreme Court
collection has 549 posts

collection has 400 posts

US Revolutionary War
collection has 352 posts

Prussian Battles
collection has 334 posts

Ship Wrecks
collection has 300 posts

100 Years War
collection has 279 posts

Sweedish Battles
collection has 208 posts

US Presidential Elections
collection has 192 posts

Bank Mergers
collection has 186 posts

collection has 146 posts

First Lady
collection has 89 posts

US Vice Presidents
collection has 71 posts

British History
collection has 67 posts

Speaker of the House of Commons
collection has 67 posts

Presidential Inauguration
collection has 66 posts

US Presidental Elections
collection has 48 posts

US Presidents
collection has 43 posts

World War 1
collection has 36 posts

History of Football
collection has 25 posts

Best Presidential Jokes
collection has 19 posts

Each event in a timeline can be geotagged allowing us to see timelines of events in cities and countries. What city would you like to explore?

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Most Histolines events are tagged with dates. This allows us to look up events that happened On This Day or any other date

About us

Histolines is a platform to compile all of the historical events in one database with an account of time and place. As it matures it will have an infinitely detailed record of history that will be easy to navigate and analyze. This platform only intakes the basic information of who, what, where, when and with whom. This prevents the usual interpretation and bias inherent in other historical sources. Histolines allows anyone to add to our knowledge of history, yet it has build in mechanisms to justify the claim and to filter out fallacious remarks and events of little importance. Learn more